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    2. Chinese

      Building Process

      First, do a good job building intercom premise solutions and configurations:
      1.1 understand how many buildings throughout the district? Each unit number? Each unit how many layers? How much each household? The first layers to the first layers of the household? Total number of households residential tenants?
      1.2 understand the Party for the building intercom functionality requirements: networking or non-networked? Black and white or color video visualization? Visual or non-visual? Are there any other special requirements?
      1.3 For unconventional estate or real estate piping, it is best to get the floor plan (with dimensions) and has a cloth underground pipe schematic plan view of each building (standard floor, first floor, day side), each of them in elevation, total flat map;
      1.4 There are networking requirements, the need to get a cell layout (with dimensions), Community of weak tubewells design (general cell has been designed and made a major weak tubewell network when civil);
      1.5 clearly chosen building intercom device functionality, performance, design parameters and installation recommendations;
      Second, the design of the building intercom system equipment:
      2.1 The main building intercom equipment: host, extension, floor platform, power supply, when the networking capabilities, as well as networking summary, a central management unit, wall unit, networking switches, etc.
      2.1.1 Host: machine known as stairs, doorways or host unit, the main role is to call, password lock, unlock card, often divided into digital and straight press. Direct by host: one unit only allows a straight by host have simple, low cost advantages, but also has a capacity of small, less functional shortcomings, under normal circumstances do not have networking capabilities;
      You must use a multi-door controller unit generally also install a digital host allows and machine, that is a unit multiple hosts, if the basement door need to access multiple unit building can achieve: Digital Host and machine function, easy to operate digital host, powerful, is now mainstream host, but old apartment with caution.
      2.1.2 Extension: saying that the indoor unit, the main role is to unlock, when networking with alarm, monitoring, etc., depending on the system design, functionality is also different, often divided into non-visual, black and white video, color video. Non-visual extension: general non-visual extension only lock function, interconnection with alarm function; black and white / color visual extension: general visual extension has a lock, monitoring, interconnection with alarm, with the zone function, in general, an extension next door, if there are special circumstances or requirements, design multiple extensions ;
      2.1.3 Decoder: decoding into "extension comes decode" and "floor platform decode" two, extension comes decode extension costs more expensive, but can be extended to other functional extension; extension without decoding, generally can not be extended to other function; floor platform: floor floor protection platform is saying, decoders, video distributor, collectively, have a standardized bus system wiring functions, isolation protection home line and home equipment, prevention due to renovation, displacement or natural factors such as damage to the system caused by improper operation, the failure rate is minimized; while relay amplify the video signal to make the image better, floor platform with isolation protection, video zoom function; a system with decoding in a networked system, the information forwarding, information storage, centralized power and other functions; floor platform specifications:
      Divided by the number of households: general floor platform for 4 and 8 in two sizes, 4 floor platform that can add an extension to 4 (8 empathy);
      By Chip minute: generally single chip IC type and type, using IC to do the easiest floor platform (IC because no program and does not require complex circuitry), are cheap, so the IC-type floor platform is used in non-visual system ; single-chip chip-type floor platform is very intelligent, high requirements for software design, development difficult, functional floor platform is also better than the intelligent, cost is relatively high, so the microcontroller chip-type floor platform is used in visual building intercom system. Layer two floors, generally every two floors of a four-family platform, sometimes for construction, easy maintenance, layer two floors can also use a four-family floor platform; layer 3, 4 of House, generally four units on each floor of a platform; a layer of 5 ~ 7 floors, two sets of four units each general floor platform; one over seven floors, floor platform based on the actual amount of the increase;
      2.1.4 Intercom System Power: The Role of the system power is to convert 12V 220V electricity we need, 18V DC weak. System Power Specifications: Composition points: generally concentrated power and switching power supply, power is concentrated in conjunction transformer circuit board, this power supply assembly is simple, the relative stability of the switching power supply is high, but the cost is expensive; switching power belong to industrial power low cost than centralized power. By function, into a battery functions and features two kinds of non-battery. Power supply: Common Power for 1A, 2A, 3A, 5A, 1A is mainly used in one of the villa suite systems, 3A and 5A cell type used in the building intercom system, which is 3A mainstream, with the system's power supply part 5A. configuration design: general a host, a wall unit, each with a manager of a system power supply of 12V;
      Visual extension generally 8-12 ordinary functions, configure a system power supply of 18V;
      About 50 non-visual system with a power supply of 12V.
      Note: For the building intercom system power battery: Because the building intercom are in the district, with the lighting electricity, so less power failure, under normal circumstances does not increase with the battery, unless required by Party.
      2.1.5 Networking Switch: building intercom system networking, there are networking switches, networking switches like our computer system router! Networking switches main role is to switch network bus system signal and the signal unit system, most of the businesses in the networking switch also has information forwarding and other functions; General design: general a host, a wall unit each with a networked switch;
      Note: A unit only need a networking switch and the machine does not need to switch from the host network.
      2.1.6 center manager: Management Center machines, commonly known as the main role or center management machine, the management center is to accept the host machine, extension calls for help and other information, and to help the host unlock, call center manager is entitled to intranet host, extension, and with the intercom call; center management machine is generally placed in the property management office on duty at the booth, as well as parking systems, best booth duty, because someone on duty at all times, the most convenient management services. conventional design: a district of a general management center machine; for large area, when the network distance, taking into account the service more convenient, but also take into account the higher stability of the system, it is recommended to use multiple management center machines, respectively better design booth duty at each door exit parking.
      2.1.7 Networking summary is: mainstream building intercom systems are networked using serial bus mode, when that is networking, networking networking is always the trunk of each unit will manage the machine can be connected in series; professional said the law was hand in hand, when when a large area or special circumstances, can not be fully realized tandem networking, networking groups will have more buses, then you can use the "Networking summary is" to solve the problem. Networking is a summary of the functional groups will be more integrated set of network interconnection bus bus. General design: the use of special circumstances, which in general are not designed for the budget;
      2.1.8 Networking Repeaters: mainstream building intercom systems are based on the serial bus mode networking. Some large district or special district, it will have a long distance network, or because the use of wire diameter is not enough, resulting in attenuation of the signal transmission network is large, when the network does not work, then you can use the "networked repeater" to try to solve the problem. Network repeater relay function is amplified signal. General design: the use of special circumstances, which in general are not designed for the budget;
      Item 2.2: Building intercom DPM: power locks, door closers, access control cards:
      2.2.1 Electric Lock: Lock is installed in the door, the building intercom control, power locks are: electric lock, mute locks, magnetic locks, electric locks, motor lock. Electric Lock: electric locks are semi intelligent mechanical locks, electric locks the terminal is an electromagnet, which controls a simple mechanical device locks closed, is powered lock type. Electronically controlled lock has a low cost, durable, stable (less failure), easy maintenance advantages, disadvantages are closed noisy. Lock Mute: Mute Lock is an upgraded version of electric control lock, unlock model is powered by a special technology eliminates the mechanical work of the sound when the door switch. Mute Lock basically have the advantage of electronically controlled lock, the disadvantage is: mainstream mute lock all stainless steel or silver-plated (imitation stainless steel) shell, improved installation requirements, solder (stainless steel welding pressure required) and welding technical requirements magnetic Lock: magnetic locks, also known as electromagnetic locks, power lock type mostly rely mainly on a very different principle of magnetic attraction generated electricity, most mounted on the door frame, whether domestic, foreign, than the use of magnetic locks power locks and more. Magnetic locks have installed hidden door appearance contributes advantages, disadvantages is the power consumption, the cost of expensive, power insecurity, high technical requirements of the installation, the purchase should pay attention to their intensity magnetic locks! electric locks: power locks is the alternative use of electromagnetic locks, power lock type mostly rely mainly on the current drive-off "tongue" of the extended or retracted in order to reach the door lock or function. Most installed on the door frame, mainly applied to the glass door type. Power locks have installed hidden door appearance and helps secure than the magnetic lock advantages, disadvantages is the power consumption, the cost of expensive, high technical requirements for installation;
      Note: magnetic locks, electric locks require four core unlock cable, 2-core for power supply, 2-wire control!
      2.2.2 closers: Master closers are used to automatically delay closing, does not require the user to manually shut down the cell door.
      2.2.3 Access Card: There are two main access cards (IC card, ID card), imported IC card swipe general range of up to about 5cm, domestic IC cards generally do not exceed 3cm; quality ID cards is relatively stable, domestic ID cards are generally swipe away (with a card reader is also relevant) up to about 8cm; the purchase of residential building intercom access card, to be based on other uses of smart card systems and the requirements of Party residential parking system, made possible card.
      2.3 Wire:
      2.3.1 Digital building intercom system Wire: Digital transmission main building intercom system is "0" and "1" of these two digital signals, digital signals, including both voice signals, control signals and video signals! Therefore, all-digital building intercom system only two wires (cables, power lines). Digital building intercom using the "ultra-five all-copper 0.5 mm2 cable" as the signal lines, power lines generally use two core sheathed cable 1 mm2.
      2.3.2 Semi digital building intercom systems: voice, control signals using sheathed cable or shielded sheathed cable (also shielded twisted pair or twisted-pair) transmission, the video signal transmission using coaxial video cable; therefore, semi-digital building intercom system, there are three wires (sheathed cable, video cable, power cord), some manufacturers will replace the jacket into a shielded cable or twisted pair, twisted sort of line.
      2.3.3 Building intercom jacket line: building intercom system currently used mostly for 4-core sheathed cable, diameter reference to the business, industry and engineering case separately.
      2.3.4 Building intercom video cable: building intercom system currently used mostly for video line 96 series, with reference to the diameter of business, industry and engineering case separately!
      2.3.5 Building intercom power line: building intercom power lines using two core 1 mm2 wire;
      2.3.6 building intercom system wire-ray tube: building intercom system wire line pipe = building trunk lines + Internet + home building combined total of the trunk (with area networking tube wells without additional networking total trunk);
      2.4 Building intercom wire, line pipe Budget:
      2.4.1 building trunk: building refers to the main trunk line to the top floor host platforms. Generally using a tree structure in series, namely the layers of floor platform, including the use of the host network interconnection device when connected in series are "building trunk" can be. Building trunk budget amount = Number of stories in each height × × 1.3 (or 1.5);
      2.4.2 building home line: building home line refers to the line extension to each floor platforms. Each two floors and each floor has a platform: building home line budget amount = total number × 9 × 1.3 (or 1.5); each over two or require cross-layer wiring: building home line budget amount = total number × 15 × 1.3 (or 1.5);
      2.4.3 building power line: building the power line refers to the host, extension, floor platform required to power lines. Current mainstream building intercom system power cord neither home, but directly supply the host platform to floor. Therefore, building power lines is equal to the amount of building trunk usage.
      2.4.4 General Main Networking: Networking refers to the total trunk line between the unit and the unit and the management center machines. Because each building intercom technology companies are not the same, the bus network design is slightly different, there is a matrix star wiring, there is a ring wiring, there is a bus series wiring, etc., before the majority of the main building intercom enterprise uses a bus wired in series, namely: the total network trunk network, a manager between individual units can be linked together.
      Note: Due to the different layout of each cell, the actual design of networked total trunk are also different. Therefore, the system schematics and residential projects total actual trunk network building intercom enterprises depend only estimates. Wire budget Try × 1.5, 50% budget line consumption better.
      Third, the building intercom system wiring methods:
      The first step in fabric home line: from the main body was completed (not yet completed in the main part of the cell) have owners began to decorate the house, and the home line should be in cloth; secondly, because the home line pipe basically by developers already designed and paved, the owner may not be suitable decoration meant, needs rectification; cloth home after the first line, the owners need rectification or the like, can be the rectification of the situation based on the actual wiring. The easiest fabric home line, as long as the home line threader tube put down the home line can be.
      Step cloth trunk: After the body was completed, only two lines along the weak tubewells laying pipe to (common charge for 6 and 4 charge), a tube used to put video and control lines (usually 6 bassoon charge {}), a pipe used to put the city 220V wires, do this alone root 220V city conduit, avoid strong electrical interference (building desirable electrical, line pipe omitted);
      Note: Do not use in place of two 6-core sheathed cable core wire and 4-wire control the city line, otherwise it will cause interference. If conditions permit, the proposed city 220V electrical wires stronger wells.
      The third step cloth networking Route: After the signing of the project contract, building intercom system adopted on the basis of features we need, combined with weak overall area network interconnection trunks detailed planning design and design engineering drawings submitted to the trunk networking Party or related construction unit, so that the overall weak pipeline network designed to be as fit our building intercom system to reduce the amount of our engineering change (usually a developer, the project will not change the amount of the settlement was another, which we want to advance drawings submitted to the Party, to facilitate the Party, but also facilitate their own); before the district pavement, landscaping and other construction, we should combine the selected building intercom system characteristics and circumstances existing pipe network weak, whether research can meet the contract request made, if not met, must, before the road and green construction were weak pipe network transformation;
      Fourth, building intercom equipment installation:
      4.1 Installing the building intercom equipment NOTES:
      4.1.1 All equipment fixed installation, mounting screws not less than three;
      4.1.2 All equipment installed indoors as much as possible, good waterproof, dustproof, shockproof three preventive measures (because the host has the particularity of being installed in the room next to impossible, it is recommended to install on the wall, and make a waterproof plastic glass deal with);
      4.2 Building intercom equipment installation sequence:
      Building intercom equipment installed in the order are:
      Host Networking --- (not networked device without having to install) ---- ---- floor platform power; after four equipment installation is completed, the installation of central management unit, to be debugged through a network; Finally, according to Check the owner's prior arrangements to install the extension.
      Five, commissioning building intercom system equipment:
      During installation, commissioning building intercom equipment is the best time of installation that is debugged.
      Installation and commissioning of building intercom equipment essential tools: building intercom system wiring diagram, product engineering drawings, product brochures, pens, paper, a screwdriver.
      5.1 combination of product and system wiring schematic drawings when installing the devices, according to the actual situation map and take a good line, as shown with the discrepancies should be immediately recorded for future reference; the combination of product engineering drawings and specifications, in each installation when the device, according to the instructions shown in the device hardware settings (mainly via jumpers to set the address code);
      5.2 After doing the above step, you can test the building intercom system is powered up;
      5.2 .1 at the door Call Centers, can call on, and you can intercom, video, unlock, ie networking success; if unsuccessful, to check the wiring on the network to see if the error until a successful networking;
      5.2 .2 get an extension from the bottom, turn on each floor platform access test, if the host can call through an extension of the floor platform, namely the floor with the host platform work; if unsuccessful, would inspect the floor platform line connection between the host and the floor platform to host;
      5.3 Installing the extension according to the owners Check-in:
      5.3 .1 extension without decoding function just take a good line to use, do not need to debug;
      5.3 .2 extension with the decoding function, you need to compile a good product specification code, generally do not need to debug;
      5.3 .3 If you install a new installation of the extension on the extension is not working, just check the extension and the extension of the landing to the home line is faulty then, generally do not consider other equipment;
      Sixth, building intercom system acceptance was completed:
      Building intercom system acceptance hand over information to be provided: building intercom system diagram, wiring diagrams, product engineering drawings, product brochures.




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